"Slippery Slope" (August 23, 2013)

  We have always been afraid of things that represent a slippery slope. The truth is that now we are facing a landslide of depravity, immorality and violence. What used to be taboo a few years back is now tolerated behavior. What was thought as queer or off now has become common place. Abusive behavior was basically intruding or stepping upon others’ basic rights and freedoms. We are no longer a moral or immoral kind of people.

     Everything called entertainment, including music is thought of as amoral! There is no longer a standard; not even among those who think of themselves as Christians. It seems everyone interprets God’s Word to suit their fancy, only embracing that which allows them the so-called “freedom” to express their take on what they think the Bible says regarding their religious posturing.

     Most religious organizations are into a revival social gospel, which is nothing more than, a works religion. Others have become drunk on the idea that they are truly doing what Christ wants done because they have become consumed with their devotion to expository teaching. Churches that think they are making a splash in the world are proud and blotted with their programs and Parachurch ministries.*

     But I wonder how much of what they are doing Christ has told them to do. After all, our society is not changing. There has been no reformation because there has been no genuine revival. We truly need a visitation from God! We need to hear from heaven, “like a mighty wind.” Lord, send the Holy Spirit upon us and revive us again we pray. We need according to your promise, the early and the latter rain both in the same month.

~ Pastor John

* Parachurch organizations are Christian faith-based organizations that work outside of and across denominations to engage in social welfare and evangelism, usually independent of church oversight. They perform roles such as: evangelistic crusade associations, music and print publishers, radio and television stations, online ministries, schools, colleges and universities, political and social activist groups, welfare and social services, including homeless shelters, disaster relief programs, clothing closets, and emergency aid centers, self-help groups, and Bible study groups.