"A Time to Turn to God" November 21, 2016

     Please allow me to apologize for not communicating more often, but I feel one should only speak when led by the Spirit. There is just too much rhetoric which often leads to conjecture and there are just too many man’s opinions being passed around for revelation.

     Personally I believe we have just crossed a great divide. Modern ideologies, paired with secular humanism have been driving our country farther and farther away from our moral and spiritual moorings which the founding father’s established. This movement to the “liberal left,” has only created a selfish, self-centered, materialistic-hedonistic society. America has forgotten the influence we have possessed, that of being good for goodness sake. For too long people of faith, especially the evangelicals, which believe the Bible is the word of God. These for too long have misunderstood what our impact should be in our present world. Our Lord and Savior the Lord Jesus Christ said to us, “you are the light of the world; you are the salt of the earth.” There is no room in the kingdom of God for passivity. “The Kingdom of Heaven suffered violence and the violent take if by force.” The word of God says to us, “resist the devil and he should flee from you.”

     I am glad that on this Presidential election church people rose up and voted right. Though I don’t consider Mr. Trump the kind of Christian I would endorse - thank God for Mr. Pence. I believe he brings the right influence that Donald Trump most needs. Definitely it will be the right kind of change Washington D.C. needs. I believe we in the Christian community have been given by God, what I call, a time to turn to God with all of our heart. The modern church labors constantly to empower people to live better, do better, become more successful for personal gain. The all-encompassing commandment of Jesus is “go into all the world, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.” (Mat. 28:19)  In spite of the modern missionary movement, sad to say, it has deteriorated to sending Bibles and developing professionals to go and train nationals or building Bible schools, or even providing clean water as needful as that is, I wonder how many wells the Apostle Paul dug? Churches and ministries are full of professing believers who will not go to a foreign land, nor go across the street to witness to neighbors. Modern Christians have settled for the status-quo, wanting “clergy George” to do it all but to leave them alone. I am one who dares believe that God can pour out His Spirit upon all flesh and revive us that we might believe that the Lord can still radically change and deliver men and women from life-controlling habits and sexual perversion.

     The believers at large have not used the greatest power the Lord gave to us, the power of prayer! The Holy Spirit stands ready to communicate with the father regarding our needs. He said, “It is not by might, nor by power but by my Spirit saith the Lord of hosts.” Remember what 2 Chronicles 7:14 calls us to do: “If my people, who are called by my name, shall humble themselves and pray….” How serious are most pastors about praying?  The church, America and believers need to realize that God does nothing for us, lest we pray. So let’s get to praying!

~ Pastor John